Patio Furniture

Whether your goal is casual entertaining or an impromptu picnic with your family, you’ll find a wide selection of patio furniture for your decorating needs.

Before purchasing patio furniture, make a mental inventory of your needs. Do you plan to relax on your patio or deck with your family? Do you plan on hosting parties? How frequently do you plan to use your patio furniture? Knowing how many tables, benches, and chairs you need will make shopping for patio furniture much easier.

Patio furniture is available in many different styles. Decorating magazines and television shows can provide some inspiration for choosing your patio furniture. If you prefer a rustic look, wooden patio furniture may be the best choice. Wrought iron patio furniture with a matching patio umbrella is perfect for creating an old-fashioned and romantic atmosphere. For the budget conscious, resin plastic is an inexpensive and practical patio furniture choice.

Patio furniture can be purchased from online retailers, discount stores, department stores, home improvement centers, or specialty shops. Floor models and discontinued styles can often be purchased at a significant discount. Retailers that sell damaged freight, merchandise with minor scratches or dents, can be another source of affordable patio furniture.

Patio furniture should be durable since it will be exposed to sun, rain, and other outdoor elements. Any fabric upholstery should be water resistant and stain repellant. Hardware should be galvanized or brass to prevent rusting. If possible, select patio furniture that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect against defects and damage.

Caring for your patio furniture isn’t difficult. Patio furniture can be repainted as needed to prevent rust and weathering. Any fabric upholstery should be cleaned on a yearly basis. Plastic patio furniture can be washed with soap and water. To prevent unnecessary damage, patio furniture should be stored in a basement or garage during the winter months.